Malaysian Hybrid Durian in Teresa

That’s Wendy Regalado with the opened fruit of the
Malaysian hybrid durian. Wendy is a past president
of the Philippine Horticultural Society.
Members of the Philippine Horticultural Society pose with
fruiting Malaysian hybrid durian at the Teresa Orchard and
Nursery in Teresa, Rizal on June 23, 2012. From left to

right: Dr. Romeo Gutierrez, Ely Quiambao, Edna Felipe
and Remedios Rodis-Santelices.
An opened fruit of the Malaysian hybrid durian. Note the chrome
yellow flesh which is mealy, ย fine-textured and sweet.

On June 23, a Saturday, more than 20 members of the Philippine Horticultural Society headed by May Caballero-Dumlao toured the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal, where they observed the growing of exotic fruit trees.

One of the fruits that attracted their attention is the Malaysian hybrid durian that was introduced some ten years ago by Gloria Balderrama, a Singaporean who married a Filipino engineer. The hybrid durian produces small fruits that weigh an average of 1.5 to 2 kilos each. It is, however, very fleshy and the flesh is fine-textured, mealy and sweet. The rind is thin but the cavities are big.

Aside from the durian, they were able to see the Indian black pepper growing on mahogany trees, the ever-bearing Red Criollo cacao from Brazil, fruiting Duku and Longkong lanzones, dragon fruit, pummelos from Vietnam and Thailand, balimbing, imported makopa, sweet guyabano (soursop), mangosteen, Mama Sita banana and many others.

Many farming enthusiasts from different parts of the country have been visiting the orchard and nursery and they have been sourcing their planting materials from Teresa. The Teresa Orchard & Nursery propagates only the best varieties of exotic fruit trees. Two varieties that are always sold out are the Super avocado which produces fruits that weigh as much as a kilo, and the seedless guava.

Teresa Orchard & Nursery is located along the national road, about 30 meters before the Teresa-Morong boundary. Teresa is the town next to Antipolo City. The nursery is about 36.6 kilometers from the Manila City Hall. For more information, call or text 0917-841-5477.
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