Mama Sita Makes Super Banana Cake

Mama Sita Makes Super Banana Cake
Salvador and Angela Guevarra posing with their Mama Sita.

Ask Salvador Guevarra what’s his favorite variety for making banana cake, and he will readily tell you it’s Mama Sita banana. Salvador is a retiree who grows plants in Sta. Ana, Pampanga.

The other year, he bought Mama Sita planting materials from the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. Now, the plants have been fruiting and what did he tell us when we met at the Agrilink trade show last October 12?

He was so excited telling us that indeed, Mama Sita makes super banana cake.

Photo shows Mr. Guevarra and his better half, Angela, posing with their fruiting Mama Sita banana in Sta. Ana, Pampanga.

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