MANGO CONGRESS 2017: Important Topics To Be Discussed

Charlie Meridores will discuss his “Isabela Experience” in minimizing the damage by Cecid flies on mango.

Important issues will be discussed at the 19th National Mango Congress which will be held at the Limketkai Mall in Cagayan de Oro on November 27 to 29.

Virginia I. de la Fuente, president of the Philippine Mango Industry Foundation, Inc. (PMIFI), will discuss the Philippine mango industry situationer, particularly supply and demand, issues and concerns, PMFI initiatives and actions by the Department of Agriculture. This will be on opening day.

In the Plenary Session 1, Justin Uy, president of Profood International Corporation, a big fruit processor, will speak on the demand for fresh mangoes for processing. On the other hand, Robert Chua, proprietor of Robbie Trading and director of SunCorp VHT facility, will tackle the demand for fresh mangoes for the export market. The third speaker will be Ms. Rafaelita Aldana, assistant secretary of the BOI-Department of Trade and Industry, who will present the Global Value Chain Analysis on Mango.

In Plenary Session 1, Justin Uy of Profood will talk on fresh mango for processing while Robert Chua of Robbie Trading will talk on fresh mango for export.

In Plenary Session 2, mango production and productivity will be discussed. Rolando C. Sacdalan, owner of Sacdalan Farms and president of Green Planet Ecology Solutions, will focus on “Best Mango Production Technology and Cultural Practices: the Mindanao Experience.” He will touch on the management aspect and testimonies on 21 metric tons per hectare productivity.
The second speaker witll be Dr. Evelyn L. Saldivar who will talk on “Restoring Soil Ecology Balance/Healthy Soil Food Web: The Crucial Key for Sustainable and Profitable Mango Production.” Saldivar is board of director of Green Planet Ecology Solutions. An open forum will follow.

In Plenary Session 3, Integrated Pest Management Protocol on Cecid Flies will be taken up. Inventor Gonzalo Catan Jr. will discuss how to control the pest. He has formulated a biopesticide that can help control the pest. On the other hand, Ronald Arabit, Grower Marketing Manger for Fruits of Bayer Philippines will present cecid flies control protocol.

The third speaker will talk on cecid flies prevention protocol, discussing his Isabela experience. He is Charlie Meridores, owner of AP+LB Agritech Development, Inc. He has a formulation that enhances growth and profuse fruiting of mango, and at the same time preventing proliferation of insect pests.

Plenary Session 4 will discuss new production and postharvest technologies for supply and marketing sustainability. The emerging mango varieties will also be presented. Ruben Larsson, founder of Octofrost of Sweden, will discuss “Individual Quick Freezing Multi-Commodity and Common Service and Storage Facility.” Instant Quick Freeze (IQF) is an emerging technology that is useful in postharvest operations for fruits and vegetables. It is a technology that is now widely used in Vietnam to preserve the nutrients and freshness of farmers’ harvests.

On the other hand, Rogelio Espejo Jr., president of Full Green Agro Corp., will talk on high yielding, early and long fruiting mango varieties. He will be followed by William D. Sy who will talk on Combustion Ash soil conditioner. He is the president of WRM Agri-Organika Philippines.

Plenary Session 5 will tackle credit, financing, grants and fruit insurance. Edward John T. Reyes of Land Bank will explain the Land Bank credit program for mango production. He will be followed by Undersecretary Ariel T. Cayanan of the Department of Agriculture who will give an “Update on the Philippine Rural development Project (PRDP) I-REAP projects for mango fruit production.” The third speaker will be Antonio S. Uy, III who will give an update on mango crop insurance.

Undersecretary Evelyn Laviña will present the 5-Year Mango Road Map.
Before the Congress ends, Virgie de la Fuente will present the resolutions passed during the Congress.
Before the Congress closes, Usec. Evelyn G. Laviña will present the 5-Year Mango Road Map that will hopefully lead to the increase in mango yield of 20 tons per hectare. Antonio S. Rola, on the other hand, will talk on the role and function of the National Mango Action Team (NMAT). The last speaker will be Virginia de la Fuente, PMIFI president, who will present the new Congress resolutions.

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