MANGO FRUIT DISORDER: Boron deficient?

The bottom end of the fruits are damaged.


Another photo of the damaged fruits.

NOW IT CAN be told. The owner of the mango tree with fruits suffering from a certain disorder is Dr. Quintin S. Doromal, a former president of Silliman University. We posted it in our blog on June 14, 2020.

CHOKANAN – The mango is a Chokanan which Dr. Doromal bought from a seller at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City. The fruits are suffering from a certain disorder. A big portion of the bottom end of each fruit is discolored.

BORON DEFICIENCY? – Now, Fruc Alegario, a frequent reader of our blog, has sent us a message saying that the malady could be mango black tip that he has read in the internet. The cause could be deficiency in boron. Boron comes in very small amounts but is necessary for the proper development of fruits and other parts of the plant. In papaya, the fruits exhibit ugly lumps (bukol-bukol) when there is boron deficiency.

We are asking our mango experts to give us their evaluation. More important, how to prevent the malady

CALLING DR. MAGHIRANG – We are calling our very helpful friend from UPLB, Dr. Rodel Maghirang, who we are sure knows a number of mango experts who could help shed light on the problem.

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