Mango Rehab Pays Off

Mango Rehab Pays Off
Mango Rehab Pays Off
Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos shakes hands with Mango King Ric Tolentino of Laoag City.

A few years ago, Ricardo Tolentino, the acknowledged Mango King of Ilocos Norte, observed that yield of century-old mango trees had declined tremendously.

In earlier years, they used to harvest 1,000 kilos per tree. Due to excessive use of flower inducers without the application of adequate fertilizer, if fertilizers were applied at all, the yield had gone down to 500 kilos per tree.

In 2011 Ric proposed to Gov. Imee Marcos a fertilization program that will rehabilitate the old trees. To which the governor responded with a P5 million grant from the provincial funds. With the amount some 20,000 old trees were fertilized. Each tree was applied with 6 kilos of processed organic fertilizer, 4 kilos of 14-14-14 (complete) and 2 kilos of muriate of potash(0-0-60). Total cost per tree was P230.

And what was the result? There was an increase of 36 percent in yield. An average of 180 kilos of fruits were added to the 500 kilos for a total of 680. At P20 per kilo, the additional 180 kilos meant a gross of P3,600. That’s a net return of P3,370 from an investment of P230!

For the 2013 fertilization of another 20,000 trees Gov. Imee allotted P2 million which was matched with P3 million from the Department of Agriculture. Ric is now eyeing the total fertilization of the 100,000 mango trees in Ilocos Norte. If that materializes, that would mean a bumper supply of quality mango fruits in Ilocos Norte.

Mango Rehab Pays Off
Ric Tolentino posing with developing fruits in his GAP-compliant mango farm in Barit, Laoag City.
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