MANGO TIP: Don’t Spray Mango Flowers with Pesticide When In Full Bloom

Profusely flowering mango trees.

MAKE sure you don’t spray your mango flowers with pesticide when in full bloom because you would be killing the pollinators. How do you know when the flowers are in full bloom?

Well you should make your own records. List down when you sprayed your trees with flower inducer. The flowers will be in full bloom in 28 to 32 days after flower induction.One brand of flower inducer is Ultrasol K which can be mixed with water soluble fertilizer and pesticides. Mixing the fertilizer and insecticide and fungicide which can be sprayed 14-20 days after flower induction will provide a big boost to the health of the tree. The flower spikes will become longer. 

Post-bloom spraying with insecticide, fungicide and fertilizer (Mega Booster) is recommended 33 to 42 days from flower induction. That’s for controlling tip borer, anthracnose and scab. Further spraying could be done 43-69 days from flower induction, and 70 to 95 days after flower induction.

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