Mangosteen Seedlings in Teresa

MANGOSTEEN, the so-called Queen of Philippine Fruits, will also grow and bear fruit in Luzon for as long as the tree is adequately taken care of.
While the plant is young, it is best to provide partial shade. It is a slow grower so it is good to apply fertilizer frequently. Aside from applying a lot of organic fertilizer in the soil, it is also helpful to spray the plants with foliar fertilizer once a week or every two weeks. Chemical fertilizer (complete) may also be applied in the soil.
Bury the chemical fertilizer at least an inch below the surface. Then the plant should be immediately watered after applying the fertilizer.
Seedlings in big numbers are available at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery. The nursery is along the road, about 30 meters before the Teresa-Morong boundary, right side if coming from Antipolo. Teresa is the town next to Antipolo City. Call or text 0917-841-5477 for more info.
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