Marang in Season

Marang is a very delicious fruit that is traditionally grown in Mindanao. It is now in season in Mindanao and ripe fruits are available in Davao City and many other places in the south.
The trouble is that Marang has poor shipping quality. Ripe fruits easily deteriorate so that those that are available in Manila, if there are, were usually harvested prematurely.
It has been shown that the Marang will also bear fruit in Luzon. In fact, one caller from UP Diliman contacted us one day telling us that they have a very fruitful tree that needed pruning. She was asking how to do that. We also know of a fellow in Brgy Aduas in Teresa, Rizal who used to have a number of fruiting Marang trees.
In other words, more people should plant this fruit tree in Luzon to meet the requirements in Manila.
Photo shows a Marang seller in a fruit market in Davao City.

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