MARKETING EGGS MADE EASY: Memoir Of An Agri Journalist

No, these are not the eggs of Antonio Mantuano. He produced only 6,000 a day.
We like Antonio Mantuanoโ€™s practical way of selling his eggs. He was a poultry raiser from Cuenca, Batangas whom we interviewed for an article in the early 1990s. He was then producing 6,000 eggs every day. Mantuano did not sell his eggs to small buyers. Instead, he just catered to a special group of customers.

He explained that most of the bakery owners in Manila were his townmates. So he approached several of them and offered to supply all their needs for fresh eggs. On top of assuring them of timely supplies, he gave them a considerably lower price than other suppliers. This had made Mantuanoโ€™s marketing very simple. All he did was to deliver his eggs two times a week. He did not have any problem in collection. Whatever he delivered would be paid on the next delivery.

Very practical guy, if you ask us

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