MEGAFOL: A Biostimulant That Works Like Magic On Stressed Plants

A plant-based biostimulant works like magic on plants that are suffering from different kinds stress that could be brought about by too much heat or extreme cold. Or lack of water as well as too much water in the field. Other stresses could be brought by strong winds, faulty application of pesticides, pests and diseases, and more.

The wonder biostimulant is Megafol, a best-selling product from Valagro of Italy, a leading manufacturer of biostimulants and special fertilizers. It is now distributed in the Philippines by Zetryl Chem Philippines headed by Danton B. Pajarillaga, president and general manager.

As an example, let’s take the dramatic recovery of lettuce grown in two pots. Both were wilted due to lack of water when treatment was started. To demonstrate how Megafol works, one was sprayed with Megafol while the other (the control) was sprayed with plain water. The result is very clear in the two pictures that follow:

The lettuce at left was sprayed with Megafol while the other was sprayed with plain water.
Now you see the big difference.

Megafol could really be the answer to government’s effort at “Climate Change Mitigation” in both small and large scale plantations. The product comes in liquid form and is easy to apply by spraying. It is also affordable. It is the potent plant extracts formulated by Valagro scientists that are responsible for the magic-like results.

Megafol works wonders on practically all crops, including rice, corn, fruit trees, coconut, sugarcane,various vegetables and many more. It is very important that crops are protected from stresses because the varieties will not be able to attain their potential yields when they are stressed right from the beginning up to maturity
Those who want to know more about the product, or how to order some, can contact Bien Magcalas, senior marketing executive, at 0998-961-2961’

One liter Megafol
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