MEGAFOL: A Biostimulant That Works Wonders On Stressed and Un-stressed Plants

Megafol in 1-liter bottles. It is also available in half liter bottles from Zetryl Chem Philippines.
Now you can see how effective Megafol is in reviving stressed plants.

Here is one more new product that can enhance the fast growth and development of your plants. Not only that, if your plant is suffering from stress, Megafol will boost their recovery. Stress could be due to drought or lack of water, flood or waterlogging, weeds, insect pests and diseases, strong wind and others.

Megafol works wonders on practically every crop. Rice, corn, vegetables of all kinds, fruit trees, herbs and more.

Megafol encourages the development of extensive roots so that the plant can absorb the nutrients available from the soil. Megafol also enhances the effectiveness of applied insecticide, fungicide, herbicide, hormones and fertilizers.

Megafol is extracted from the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum. Because of the seaweed’s natural hormones, photosynthesis is greatly enhanced by Megafol. Even in partial shade with minimal sunlight, photosynthesis will continue.

Megafol is a product from Valagro of Italy. It is distributed locally by Zetryl Chem Philippines headed by its president, Danton Pajarillaga, who can be contacted at 0917-793-3267 or at email:

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