MILO MAS: A Good Pummelo Variety

MILO MAS: A Good Pummelo Variety
MILO MAS: A Good Pummelo Variety
Fruits of Milo Mas have fine hairs that repel insects.

MILO MAS is a selected pummelo variety from Malaysia that was introduced  by Dr. Pablito P. Pamplona many years ago and planted it in his farm in North Cotabato. The fruit is sweet, juicy and distinctly nice to eat, according to Joseph, the son of Dr. Pamplona. However, growers don’t seem to care planting the same.

Why? Because the planters would rather grow the Magallanes variety that customers are accustomed to buying. So the Pamplonas are not producing grafted planting materials.

The fruit of Milo Mas is roundish, a bit bigger than the one kilo average weight of Magallanes. When immature, the fruits have very fine hairs that repel insect pests that could damage the developing fruits.

Another desirable trait of Milo Mas is that it is not site-specific. This means that Milo Mas can be grown in any part of the Philippines. Dr. Pamplona notes that it could be successfully grown in most parts of Luzon because it is not location specific. He observes that Magallanes pummelo has a narrow location specificity even in Davao and Cotabato. It means that it does not  perform  similarly well in different parts of the country.

Dr. Pamplona also says Milo Mas is also a prolific variety if given proper care.

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