MEMOIR No. 25: He Had Breakfast With His Farm Workers Before Going To The Fields

Engr. Jaime Tecson grew watermelon on a rented farm.
Engr. Jaime Tecson of Pacalag, San Miguel, Bulacan got into full-time farming after early retirement from his employment. We interviewed him in 2008 during his harvest of watermelons that he intercropped in a rented farm with three-year-old mango trees.

Tecson grew various high-value crops in both his own farm and farms that he rented so that he was into year-round farming with a crew of eight farm workers.

One practice he had initiated and which had worked wonders for him was to have his workers take early breakfast with him in his home or right on the farm. That way, the worker wonโ€™t have any reason to be late in going to his work. While taking breakfast, they also talked about what have to be done during the day.

A simple but effective way to have a close working relationship with the farm workers, if you ask us.

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