MEMOIR No.26: He Gave Free Ducklings For A Good Reason

The son gave 10 to 20 free ducklings to every household that cared to raise ducks at home.
One Saturday at the Agri-Kapihan, a Los Baรฑos alumnus related how his son had an ingenious way of ensuring his supply of duck eggs for making balut in his hometown in Mindanao.

What did his son do? He distributed 20 to 30 free ducklings to every household that cared to take care of Muscovy ducks. The ducks did not need any feeds bought from the market. They survived on food scraps as well as extra corn or palay from the farm.

The ducks can survive on household food scraps or extra grains from the farm.
The son did not oblige the farmers to sell their eggs to him. They could consume all the eggs they cared to eat and sell to him whatever was left at the prevailing price in the market. Our speaker said that his sonโ€™s strategy worked well. He was able to get enough supply of eggs for making balut. He did not have to put up his own duck raising project which would have required him to put up his own housing. The duck project would have entailed taking care of thousands of ducks to produce the eggs he needed for his balut and that would have entailed buying feeds for his flock.

The cost of the ducklings the son gave out for free was easily recovered from his profits from making balut. After all, at that time he bought the eggs that he hatched at two pesos. The cost of a duckling was only about three pesos. And if he just made 50 centavos profit from every balut he sold, the cost of the ducklings would have been recovered from just six eggs he bought from the farmers.

Duck eggs for making balut.

Well, some agri entrepreneurs are simply creative like the son of our speaker at the Agri-Kapihan.

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