MEMOIR NO.3: Goodbye Lanzones Farm, Hello Studebaker!

When I was 23 years old, working as a news writer at the UP College of Agriculture in Los Baños, a classmate of mine in UP Diliman was also in Los Baños teaching English at the UP College of Forestry.

One day, our classmate who married right after graduation gave me an unsolicited advice which I took to heart rather seriously. Jim (that’s not his real name) advised me not to marry right away. If I did, he said, it will be hard for me to buy a car. But if I buy a car first, it would not be a problem getting a girl to marry.

At that time, I already had a saving of about four thousand pesos. And our laundry woman was begging me to buy her half hectare orchard in Brgy. Maahas for P4,000. But remembering the advice of my classmate, I bought my first car for P3,600 and forgot about the half hectare property that was full of fruit-bearing lanzones trees, cacao, coconut and others. The car was a powerful secondhand Hawk Studebaker.

Today, rather amused in remembering what I did, I said to myself the half hectare could be worth millions of pesos now, considering the high value of real estate in Los Baños. On the other hand, the Studebaker had long been consigned to the junkyard.(Memoirs Of An Agri Journalist, unpublished.)

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