MEMOIR NO. 5: The La Salle Student Can’t Wait

One Saturday morning (circa 2002) at the Tesda Weekend Market where we sold planting materials of exotic fruit trees, a lady and her teenage son came to our stall. The lady bought several grafted longkong and durian seedlings.

When we asked where they will be planting what they bought, the mother said her son James, not his real name, will plant them in their mountain property up there in Cagayan Valley.

“You see, my son should be in his third year in engineering in La Salle now. But after reading your articles, he does not want to go to school anymore. He wants to stay in the province and develop our mountain property into an agro-forestry park where he will plant fruit trees and forest trees. He already has his blueprint for his dream eco-farm.”

At that point, I was not sure what my reaction should be. Should I have guilt feeling because somehow my articles have influenced a young man to cut his studies short? Or should I be glad because here is a young guy who is going into something we have always been hoping the youth will do – going back to agriculture. (Memoirs of an Agri Journalist, unpublished.)

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2 thoughts on “MEMOIR NO. 5: The La Salle Student Can’t Wait

  1. Hi Sir,

    This is interesting. Do you know what happened to him and his plans? It is good to have people that has the will to convert land into agribusiness.

    Mabuhay kayo!

    1. Sorry, I was not able to get their full names and address because there were other customers we had to attend to when they were there at the weekend market.

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