EVERYBODY LOVES SEX: Memoirs Of An Agri Journalist

Zac B. Sarian and Avnon Navon at the Arava Desert. Navon was 18 when he settled at the Arava Desert. He grows vegetables on four hectares of greenhouses.

Sometime in November 2013 more than 20 of us journalists from all over the world were at the Arava Desert in Israel interviewing the pioneer settlers in that place where most of Israel’s vegetable exports are produced.

It was past midday and many of us were tired and weary from traveling. It seemed that I was the only one who was interested in asking questions to Avnon Navon, one of the young men who were sent to settle in the desert by Prime Minister David Ben Gurion in the 1950s. Most of them were 18 to 21 years old.

When a beautiful girl like Myriam Ximena Ramirez de Ayala is included in a story, the story becomes doubly interesting. Myriam is a journalist from Colombia who was with us in the Arava Desert.
When we asked Navon if there were also girls that were with them, he said yes, there were several beautiful young girls. The other journalists, men and women, all of a sudden became animated. They became alive and curious. They wanted to listen and to ask their own questions.

That only proved what our instructor told us in our news writing class. He said that when an element of sex is included in a story, it becomes doubly interesting.. No I don’t mean the “sex” you might be thinking about. It is about a woman, especially a beautiful one, being a part of the story. Oh yes, everybody loves sex.

Myriam Ximena Ramirez de Ayala posing with tomatoes at the Arava Desert.
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