Meyer Lemon Responds Beautifully To Slow Release Fertilizer

The Meyer Lemon with 21 fruits in a medium-size rubberized container.

In early July, 2019, an ambassador who is busy traveling to different places all the time felt it was better for him to leave his Meyer Lemon under our care so it will not deteriorate. The plant is planted in a medium-size rubberized container for about a year when it was delivered to us. Before leaving that to us, he scattered two handfuls of slow release fertilizer on the surface of the growing medium.

We kept the plant in our house in Taytay, Rizal, since thereโ€™s a lot of space there. We just placed the lemon under the partial shade of a kalachuchi and all we have been doing is to regularly water the plant.

We suspect that the transport of the lemon in the container stressed the plant that triggered the production of flowers a few days after. Maybe it could be the change of environment. We have read that some plants when subjected to stress will respond by producing flowers. Today, December 31, 2019, we counted 21 beautiful fruits on the tree in container. Of course, we attribute the many fruits produced to the power of the slow release fertilizer.

We are awaiting the fruits to ripen. Of course, the nutrients consumed by the plant for its fruiting have to be replenished. We will apply Z-Fert Fertilizer which contains various micro elements and see what will happen.

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