MILO MAS POMELO: Now Available At The Sarian Farm

MILO MAS POMELO: Now Available At The Sarian Farm

Grafted seedlings of the Milo Mas pomelo introduced by Dr. Pablito Pamplona from Malaysia are now available at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

MILO MAS POMELO: Now Available At The Sarian Farm
FRUITS of Milo Mas have small hairs when immature so that they are less prone to insect attack.

This is a variety with slightly pink flesh that is sweet and juicy and with few seeds. Unlike Magallanes, Milo Mas is not site-specific. This means that it will perform well in most places in the Philippines. Dr. Pamplona explained that the Magallanes variety is site specific. This means that it will not perform equally well in different places. Even in Mindanao, he said, the Magallanes does not perform equally well.

He adds that Milo Mas will grow well even in areas with poor soils. In Malaysia, this variety is planted even in paddy dikes.

One special characteristic of the fruit is that when it is immature, it has soft hairs which discourage insects to attack the same.

Pomelos have their own advantages. More trees can be planted in one hectare compared to mango. No flower inducer is needed to make the tree bear fruit. The flowers are not affected by shower or rain, unlike mango flowers. Pomelo has a long shelf life and commands a higher price than mango. The tree will also bear fruit two times a year.

Those interested in the grafted Milo Mas ย seedlings may contact Rose at 0915-434-4216.

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16 thoughts on “MILO MAS POMELO: Now Available At The Sarian Farm

  1. good neews for the pomelo lovers . I hope someday I can visit your farm to buy some seedling

    1. Puwede kayo pumunta sa Sarian Farm sa Teresa, Rizal. Sarian Farm is in Teresa, Rizal, along the road, about 30 meters before Teresa-Morong boundary. On June 19 to 21, we will have a booth at the AANI Agri-Bazaar and Agri-Kapihan at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. Contact us at 0917-841-5477.

    1. Quarantine office does not allow citrus from Luzon to be brought to Mindanao and Visayas due to citrus disease in Luzon which is not found in southern Philippines. That is a very old regulation.

  2. A friend gifted me a pomelo that came from Malaysia, it has a sticker that says Ipoh Tambun. It has white pulp, was sweet and juicy but bland. It has no flavor, no aroma or even a hint of sour taste. In short it was terrible. Compared to Magallanes , Nam Roi and Da Xanh that Ipoh Tambun pomelo was inferior. I would like to ask in referrence to the taste of Magallanes Pomelo how does Milo Mas pomelo compare? Thank you.

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