Mini Begonia Flowers In Your Salad Are Very Nice To Eat!


Floriferous red mini begonia at the Taiyi Ecological Leisure Farm in Nantou, Taiwan.

WHEN WE VISITED the Taiyi Ecological Leisure Farm in Nantou, Taiwan, our guide picked some flowers of the mini begonia that was so floriferous and told us to taste it. It was good and we liked it.

COULD BE NEW ITEM – Our companion who had a farm that is a tourist destination immediately thought of planting the mini begonia in his organic farm so he can add the flowers to the salad of lettuce and other materials that they serve to their visitors.

FOR SALAD – His farm has become a destination of an increasing number of farm tourists, and for the entrance fee of P200, each visitor gets an eat-all-you can salad of lettuce, cucumbers and other produce in the farm.


Mini begonias also come in pink and white.

DIFFERENT COLORS – The addition of flowers in the salad could be another attraction to lovers of organically grown foods. The mini begonias at the Taiyi leisure farm come in different colors. What is good about them is that are ever-flowering throughout the year, especially in a cool place. 

LOCAL VARIETIES WITH BIG FLOWES – So you see, it is really rewarding to visit other organic farms that are full of practical ideas for the picking.There are varieties of begonia in the Philippines that produce bigger flowers. Michael Caballes former president of Allied Botanical also suggested nasturtium as another edible flower for salads.

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