Mini Coco Oil Extractor

Ramon Uy and his mini coconut oil extractor.
He is showing a half liter coco oil ready for use.

RAMON UY, the prolific inventor from Bacolod City, has come up with a new invention. This time it is a mini coconut oil extractor designed for the countryside.

It is a screw-type extractor that can extract half liter of coco cooking oil from a kilo of copra. It can extract one liter in 15 minutes from two kilos of copra.

The machine can also extract virgin coconut oil from half-dried fresh coconut meat. The fresh coconut meat is sliced into pieces and placed in a dryer to reduce the moisture content to 50 percent.

Half kilo of semi-dry coconut meat can yield 250 ml or one-fourth liter of VCO.

The machine is not yet available commercially. It is just a prototype but will be fabricated for sale eventually.

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