Mini Longkong Farm 25-Km East of EDSA For Sale

Mini Longkong Farm 25-Km East of EDSA For Sale
There are at least 20 fruiting Longkong trees in the property for sale.

A 450-square meter lot full of ย fruiting Longkong lanzones is being offered for sale. This blogger, Zac B. Sarian, has been asked to take charge of the offering with only direct buyers entertained. Agents are not welcome.

The mini farm is perfect for professionals working in Metro Manila who would like to have a piece of paradise of their own where they can escape the horrendous traffic and pollution in the city. The property is only about 25 kilometers east of EDSA. It is along the road with a frontage of 15 meters.

For the business-minded, the place offers excellent opportunity to put up a store for certain products needed by certain target groups. The store could be rented out or operated by the buyer himself, Still, the buyer will still have many fruiting Longkong for his enjoyment left at the back.

Those interested to see the property should contact us only by texting 0995-584-9155. Calls will not be entertained. We will also answer inquiries by texting.

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