MIRACLE FRUIT: Made Into Tablets In Taiwan, Has Number Of Advantages


Value adding is the name of the game for Sen Yuh ย Science Co. Ltd. of Taiwan.

The Miracle Fruit which is mostly grown as a curiosity plant in the Philippines has been transformed into a high-value commercial crop in Taiwan by a company called Sen Yuh Science Co. Ltd.

When the berry is ingested, everything sour that is subsequently eaten becomes sweet. For example, when you chew the thin flesh of the berry and you sip the juice of a newly picked calamansi, the juice would taste as sweet as honey.

Except for an enterprising professor in the Philippines who is making wine from the Miracle Fruit, no one else that we know is processing the berries into a commercial product.

In Taiwan, the Sen Yuh company has recognized the commercial possibilities of the berry by converting it into tablet form. Being a tablet has its advantages. Unlike wine, it can be consumed even by every age group, including children. It can be packaged in such a way that it can be sold anywhere in the world with affordable shipping cost.

At the recent trade show in Kaohsiung City in Taiwan, a small bottle containing 30 tablets was selling for the equivalent of P700. The sweetening effect of the tablet is just as good as the fresh berry. The manufacturer claims that the tablets will prevent the excessive intake of the ordinary sugar, thus avoiding the negative impact it has on health.

The tablet is good for children. It makes food more delicious so the children will eat more. The tablet accelerates the secretion of saliva, promotes appetite, helps digestion and provides nutrition.

Because it accelerates secretion of saliva, the tablet is also good for people who speak a lot, according to the manufacturer. It is great for the throat because it eases thirst.

It also works fine for alcohol drinkers. The manufacturer explains that the tablet contains a special glycoprotein molecule (Miraculin) that can modify the tongueโ€™s taste buds and help enhance the quality of alcohol. If the tablet is consumed before alcohol, it can change the taste of the sourness and bitterness into a sweeter, smoother taste.

The tablets are also good for people who have impaired taste buds. By having the persons eat Miracle Fruit tablets before meal, many unpleasant tastes will disappear which will make their eating experience a more pleasant and tastier one.


One bottle containing 30 Mirqacle Fruit tablets sells for the equivalent of P700 in Philippine money. The tablet form has many advantages.

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