Mobile Soils Lab & Plant Clinic Up In Panay Island

The Soils Lab & Plant Clinic on Wheels.

ILOILO ITY – The Department of Agriculture (DA) Western Visayas has come up with a Mobile Soils Laboratory and Plant Clinic to bring two major services of the DA closer to the farmers, even in remote areas.

Farmers can now avail themselves of free soil analysis. This will enable theM to determine the right amount and kind of fertilizer to apply to their crops. This could mean savings and effective use of fertilizer inputs.

The regional soils laboratory in Parola, Iloilo City is quite far from other municipalies, making it inconvenient for farmers to avail themselves of the facility. With the mobile soils lab, the farmers don’t have to travel FAR to have their soils analyzed.

On the other hand, the Mobile Pest Clinic will enable farmers and extension workers to immediately identify the prevalent pests during the different seasons. Thus, the problemS can be immediately addressed to avoid losses. Recommendations on steps to be taken can be made available immediately.

The Mobile Pest Clinic which was funded by the DA Rice Program cost P.9 million. Ryan Rasgo, RCPC chief, said that crop protection services could be delivered faster and closer to the farmers. With the facility, reported pest infestations can be addressed as early as possible to avert field losses.

Farmers across the region can avail themselves of the services of both soils lab and plant pest clinic upon request by their respecitive local governments and farmers’ associations. These facilities will also be available during the conduct of farmers’ forums, agricultural information caravan, and other agri-related events. (DA-RAFIS 6)

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