Balmak Managing Director Infan Parlak ย at right is with the Agricomp group, from left: Engr. Elmer Baquiran, Engr. Danilo Cariรฑo and Eugene Gabriel. They are partaking of specialty Turkish food products.

Executives of Agri Component Corporation based in Cauayan, Isabela, have finalized the distributorship and partnership agreement with a Turkish company that specializes in mechanized silage production. The company is Balmak which manufactures silage making equipment that include harvesters, shredders, balers, vacuum-packing machine and Total Mix Ration (TMR) machine. The TMR machine will mechanize the infusion of probiotics and other ingredients to improve the digestibility of the feed and also increase the protein content that will ensure faster growth of livestock fed with silage.

The distributorship agreement with Balmak is very timely because Agricomp is partnering with Dr. Ronaldo Sumaoang who is a microbiologist who produces the probiotics and biofiber that will increase the nutrient content and digestibility of the product. Balmak also manufactures the automatic vacuum-packing machine that will also enhance the quality of the silage.

A project is now under way in Pangasinan where Agricomp and Dr Sumaoang are collaborating to produce TMR for sale to goat raisers, dairy farmers and other livestock producers. The silage making project is starting with an area of 50 hectares which will be eventually expanded to 500 hectares. Landowners who will be assured of reasonable profit will become planters for the silage making project.

With the mechanized production of silage in Pangasinan, the cost of the TMR will be more affordable and that will encourage more livestock raisers to increase their stocks. And this could result in more livestock being raised in the Philippines even by small scale animal raisers.

Silage TMR is particularly good for feeding goats.
Canned Calderetang Chevon has a reaqdy market in the Philippines. The problem is that there is not enough slaughter goats for canning.

The TMR ration is also excellent for feeding goats. And one of the objectives of Agricomp is to encourage more goat raisers because the company is interested in purchasing the slaughter goats at a higher price than what is obtaining in the market. With a high price of P200 per kilo liveweight, more goat farmers will be encouraged to increase their stocks because it would be profitable for them. Agricomp will buy the goats for producing canned chevon like caldereta, adobo and kilawin.

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