More Luzon Farmers Should Have Planted Durian as Early as the 1980s

Wendy F. Regalado, former Philippine Horticultural Society president, smiles as she poses with durian she is about to eat. The fruit was produced in Teresa, Rizal.
Fruiting durian at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

IF MORE LUZON FARMERS had started to plant durian as early as the 1980s, there would be cheaper durian fruits available to Metro Manila and other consumers from Luzon today. That’s because transporting the fruit to the market would not be as expensive as when sourcing them from Mindanao.

CONCRETE PROOF – Marino Roxas whom we featured in this blog on October 8, 2020, had good proof that durian could be produced in Luzon. In 1986, he planted in his farm in Alaminos, Laguna, 10 grafted durian seedlings that he got from the  late Dr. Dioscoro Umali just to find out if the fruit tree will thrive in his farm.

PLEASANTLY SURPRISED – To his pleasant surprise, the durian trees thrived very well. When we visited him, he revealed that the biggest tree bore one fruit just four years after planting. This was followed by more fruits the next year and the years that followed. 

P12,000 FROM ONE TREE – In 1993, all the 10 trees bore fruit. The biggest tree yielded 162 fruits which sold for P12,000. That was a big amount at that time. He sold the fruits at P55 to P60 per kilo.

LET’NOT WAIT – Well, better late than never. We farmers in Luzon should plant more durian in our farms and even in our homes. Now! Let’s not procrastinate. We have good varieties now available, including UPLB Gold (some people just call it UP Gold) which was bred by Dr. Leon Namuco, retired professor and fruit breeder from UPLB. Other good varieties include Puyat, Monthong, Chanee, Kanyao and other very new ones.

CONTACT – For availability of grafted durian seedlings, contact Rose of Sarian Farm at 0906-551-1791 or 0947-590-0398.

Grafted seedlings of UPLB Gold, one of the recommended varieties to plant because of its several desirable traits. For one, it is resistant to borers because its skin is thick and hard.
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