Agri Tip No.2: More on Cherry Tomatoes

All right, we have written in a previous article that Cherry Tomato has a money-making potential. Well, that could be so if you plant the right variety at the right time.

Rolly Benosa of Sison, Pangasinan says that there are over 20 Cherry Tomato varieties being distributed by Known-You Seed Company of Taiwan. These have different characteristics and one should know which ones are best for the growing conditions of the planter and the preferences of the buyers or consumers.

In his case, he has selected three varieties that produce well in his farm and which have a ready market in Manila. One buyer buys most of his production.
  AMBER is the variety that he likes very much. This is because it is tolerant to rainy conditions and it could be grown anytime of the year. It is a tall variety and has to be trellised. One plant yields an average of 3 kilos but under good weather, it could produce 6 kilos. Rolly sells his harvest at P80 per kilo to a buyer in Manila.
  ROJITA is another variety that Rolly likes to grow. This is also a tall variety that can yield 6 to 10 kilos per plant in one season. This has to be planted in September, however, so that there will no longer be rains when the fruits begin to be harvestable. The harvest may begin in December and could last up to May. 
Rolly says that when the ripening fruits are overtaken by rain, they will crack and therefore not marketable.
One other virtue of Rojita is that it is about the sweetest of the Known-You varieties. That is why Rolly can sell his harvest to his Manila buyer at P100 per kilo. The buyer, according to him, retails Rojita at a weekend market at P250 per kilo.


  SEASON RED is the third variety that Rolly grows. This is not a tall variety. He likes it because it is early bearing. In 65 days from planting, harvesting could start, and it will keep on producing for 1.5 months. Each plant can produce 2 kilos or more. One other good thing about Season Red is that it can tolerate hot weather. Fruits will readily set even during the hot summer months.
Agri Tip No2. – Rolly advises that you attend as many trainings and seminars as you can because you will always learn something new. After attending a recent seminar, for instance, he decided to try a new variety called Golden Sweet which could be another money maker. He expects to harvest from this variety on March 4, 2012.
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