More On My Hypothetical Sheep Project For The P500,000 Grant For Upstarts

My hypothetical Sheep Project that started with the P500,000 grant from the Department of Agriculture.

 In my post in this blog on January 20, 2020, I called on young men and women to come up with their ideas of a viable agri project for which they will be given a grant of P500,000 to make that idea a reality. More than 4,000 aspiring farmers have read the post and are very interested in the program of the Department of Agriculture to entice young people to go into farming.

I wrote the following two paragraphs at the end of my post to show what I would use the P500,000 grant for in case I got it.

“By the way, somebody  asked me. If I were to be given the grant of P500,000 what project will I undertake? Well, there are many choices but what I have in mind now is this. If I have a two-hectare farm in my hometown, I would go for something like this. I would go for Sheep as my flagship product.  I will buy an initial 10 females that are ready to breed or are already pregnant. And I will add a couple of rams. This is considered starting small. Yes, that’s what I like. I will expand slowly but surely.

“I will invest in a water system that works. That will ensure production of forage and other cash crops that will help sustain the project. My long term vision is to end up having the most number of sheep in my province. The strategy is to keep on increasing the population systematically. I will not sell any of the young females for future breeding. I will sell  only the males and the proceeds will be used to buy more female breeders. I will upgrade my stocks through purchase of improved blood.” 

Now, I am imagining where my project would have become five years after I got the grant. By this time, I would have about 500 sheep. That’s possible because I am continually adding new breeding stock to my flock. By that time people might be calling me the Sheep King in my province or even in the region. People who would like to start their own sheep projects will likely come to me for their requirements or  for advice.

A few years later, I am imagining that the Department of Agriculture will be ordering from me male and female sheep for their dispersal program. I am also imagining that I will hire an expert in making “Litson Tupa” which we will cater to people holding special events like reunions, birthdays, anniversaries and more. 

By that time, I would be considered a hands-on expert in sheep raising and I could hold paid seminars for additional income. There would be so many opportunities that I could take. And all that started with the P500,000 grant for upstarts from the Department of Agriculture. 

Am I dreaming? Maybe, maybe not. You be the judge. 

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