More Pictures Of Blue Ternate You’d Like To See

Eddie Canuto, founder of Ephrathah Farms, is showing  a flower to Weng Bienes, a visitor. Ephrathah Farms has developed its own market for its flowers which sell at P1,500 a kilo.

Here are photos of Blue Ternate you would like to see. Blue Ternate, botanic name Clitoria ternatea, is getting more attention in the Philippines because of its claimed health benefits. It is made into tea drink.

Blue Ternate flowers can be included in your favorite salad to make it look more appetizing. Of course the flowers can be eaten.

If your purpose is to produce seeds for sale, let the Blue Ternate grow tall and vigorous. That way it will produce a lot of pods for seed production. This one is grown in a fence at a farm in Lipa City.

Weng Bienes posing with low-growing Blue Ternate at the Ephrathah Farm. The plant is supported by hogwire made into a circular support reinforced with wood driven into the ground to make it steady. The flowers are easy to harvest because the plants are not tall.
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