More Professionals Should Go Into Farming


Professionals listen to Toto Barcelona at the Agribiz Kapihan.

A lot of people are concerned about the lack of interest of young people to go into farming. Perhaps motivating more adults like the professionals will help make the young people take a second look at agriculture.

Educated men and women in their late 30s or 40s, or even older, should be enticed to go into agriculture for a number of good reasons.

When professionals become proud farmers, farming will somehow become more respectable. The professionals are often more receptive to new ideas and technologies. They therefore hasten the spread of improved practices.

Professionals often have more capital so they can put up farms that are showcases of modern techniques and productivity. They are often more businesslike. They pay attention to the cost of production and study how they could cut expenses.

Professionals make good farmers because if they farm, it is usually by their own free choice. Since they love farming, they often make good in it.

Professionals are more daring at innovating because farming is not their only source of income. They wonโ€™t starve if they make a mistake or fail in one season.

Professionals often have better access to financing. Lenders think of them as better credit risks. They also have good access to the market. They know how to conduct a market survey and to develop outlets.

Competition inevitably arises when a lot of professionals go into commercial farming. But that should be good because farmers would be forced to become more efficient and innovative. They have to improve the quality of their produce to be more competitive.

In the end, that would benefit the consumers who would be able to buy good quality produce at more reasonable prices.

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