Most Expensive Saba Banana I have Ever Seen

Most Expensive Saba Banana I have Ever Seen
This is the Saba banana with 17 ย fingers priced at P170 in a local supermarket.

On Thursday, October 17, 2019 I saw the most expensive Saba banana I have ever seen in the local supermarket. One hand (piling) which had 17 fingers or individual fruits was priced at P170 flat.

That means P10 per finger! I must admit that the fruits are quite big compared to those usually found in public markets. Just the same, it is the highest-priced Saba banana I have seen in a local market.

This only shows that if a product, like the Saba in photo, is of good quality, it could be offered for sale at a high price. This should give an idea to local farmers. They should aspire to come up with the best quality of whatever farm produce that they grow. Then they can set the price that is fair to themselves and to the consumers.

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