ZAC B. SARIAN with the Alocasia Sarian that won the Best Plant In Show award in a garden show in 2012. The plant was grown Lardy Abundo.

WE RECEIVED information about Alocasia Sarian sent through the Comments Section of our blog from The information states that Aloasia Sarian is a cross between Alocasia zebrina and Alocasia micholitziana. 

IMPORTANT CORRECTION – Alocasia Sarian was named after me and i should make an important correction. Alocasia Sarian is not a cross between Alocasia zebrina and Alocasia micholitziana. It is a plant that is indigenous to the Philippines. Here is the latest information (Sept 26, 2020) from an authority, Fernando Biglang-awa Aurigue, plant breeder and research scientist formerly with UP Los Baños and now with the Nuclear Research and Development Institute.

FROM THE EXPERT – “Alocasia Sarian is still considered a variety of Alocasia macrorrhysos because of the similarity in floral structures. However, there is a group conducting studies on Alocasia and I believe that they also would like to confirm its taxonomic status and whether it is a hybrid or not. I personally don’t consider it a natural hybrid because we found it in Ilocos Norte and only A. macrorrhysus is present in the area. I would like to consider it a natural mutant instead pending results of DNA analysis.”

WHY NAMED AFTER ME? – Well, how did it happen that it was named after Zac Sarian? Here is the story. In the early 1980s a Singaporean buyer requested me to collect all possible Aglaonema species from the Philippines. The Philippines is where the most number of Aglaonemas are found. 

ASKED HELP OF HUNTERS & TRADERS – I asked plant hunters and plant traders to help me gather as many indigenous Aglaonemas as possible. One day a collector and plant trader from Isabela province delivered to me several suckers of Alocasia instead of Aglaonema. Soon after the trader left, two members of the International Aroid Society based in Australia visited my nursery. They were very excited when they saw the suckers of Alocasia they had not seen before. They bought some and left some for me.

ARTICLE IN AROIDEANA – One of the guys wrote an article about their new find and named it after me. He wrote something that was published in Aroideana, the magazine of the International Aroid Society.

VERY WRONG – They must have provided the commercial propagator in the United States with the suckers they got from me which the US nurseryman propagated  it in big volumes. For lack of the correct information, they just said it was a cross between A. zebrina and A. micholitziana. What they did was very wrong if you ask us.

BEST PLANT IN SHOW – Alocasia Sarian is a beautiful plant if given proper care. In a garden show in 2012 in Quezon City, the specimen plant grown by Lardy Abundo got the “Best Plant In Show” award.


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