MUTANT PAPAYA UPDATE: All Bearing Oblong Fruits, No Males

This is the present crop of developing fruits of the mutant papaya. Photo taken February 4, 2020. We are anxiously anticipating the ripening of the fruits.

We are excited about the mutant papaya that we have been planting the last five years. The few trees that we planted are all producing elongated fruits today (Feb. 4, 2020), albeit only  sparse fruiting compared to the hybrids in the market like Red Lady, Sinta and others.

This is the story. In 2015 the Dimaporo family invited us to see their agri projects in Lanao del Norte. In that trip, we were able to obtain seeds of the Golden Papaya that was round and which weighed 2.5 kilos. Mrs. Teresita Bartolo, a very friendly and hospitable lady, gave us the seeds.

When  we germinated the seeds, some were light colored while others were dark green. We presumed that the light colored would be the Golden Papaya. We planted both but the light colored ones did not survive. When the green seedlings bore fruit, the fruits were oblong, some more than a foot long. The fruits had very small cavity so they were fleshy. The red flesh is sweet and juicy.

 We have been continually planting the seeds of what we harvest. The standing crop is now the fifth generation. And we are very happy that all the few trees that we have planted are producing elongated fruits. It is notable that we have not had any male mutant papaya.

Our fervent hope is to finally develop a more fruitful mutant papaya. Being open pollinated, farmers will be able to plant the seeds of their harvest. They won’t have to buy expensive hybrid seeds.

We are anxiously anticipating the ripening of the present crop. Watch for further updates.

Mrs. Teresita Bartolo and Zac B. Sarian holding the round fruit of the Golden Papaya. The seeds of the round fruit produced the mutants with oblong fruits at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.
The fruit is more than one foot long.
Halved mutant papaya fruit has small cavity. The red flesh is sweet and juicy.
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