MY CRAZY IDEA: Knock down old mango trees to the ground!

Marcelo Escaro and his prolific mango trees toppled by strong typhoons in Bicol. This gave us our crazy idea of knocking down old mango trees to the ground.

A businessman who had just bought an old farm consulted us regarding the old mango trees in his newly bought farm. He said that they are so tall it is impossible to harvest the fruits. He was thinking of cutting them down. To which i said: “No, you don’t because I have a crazy idea.”

What’s that? He asked. “Knock down the old trees to the ground,” I answered. How do you do that? He again asked, and I said I will show him how to topple down the trees.

HERE’S HOW – Excavate a big hole on one side of the big tree. One meter deep and 1.5 meters  away from the base of the old tree toward the direction you want the tree to fall. Tie a long, big cable around the trunk 10 meters above the ground.  Attach the end of the long cable to a powerful truck or tractor. The tractor will gently pull the cable so that the tree will slowly tumble to the ground, lying on one side. Now, return the excavated soil to the big hole. 

FERTILIZING – At the back of the fallen tree, apply 10 kilos of complete fertilizer like Z-Fert which contains a lot of micronutrients. Bury the fertilizer about six inches in the ground. Apply 2.5 kilos one meter away from the trunk, another 2.5 kilos two meters from the trunk, then another 2.5 kilos three meters from the trunk. Finally, apply 2.5 kilos four meters from the trunk. Water thoroughly the areas where the fertilizers were applied so the roots will be able to absorb the nutrients.

EASY TO MANAGE – Now the fallen trees are easy to manage. Because they are lying on the ground, it is easy to spray flower inducers and pesticides to protect the flowers, leaves and the fruits from fungus and insect pests. The tree will bear fruits that are very low, easy to bag if that’s what you like. They are easy to harvest, too.

WHAT GAVE ME MY CRAZY IDEA? – The mango trees of Marcelo Escaro in Calabanga, Camarines Sur. He has huge mango trees toppled by typhoons that are very prolific.

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