My Favorite Healthy Breakfast

My Favorite Healthy Breakfast
My simple healthful breakfast on June 12, 2013.

This is a very healthful breakfast fare which has become your blogger’s favorite.

It consists of tempura squash (the uncooked slice included in photo), steamed okra freshly picked from plants grown in pots, avocado from our own tree, three pieces of chicken adobo and small amount of steamed rice. Included is a mug of vanilla-flavored Ensure.

The tempura squash is very nice to eat and very nutritious too. A slice of squash worth about five pesos is enough for your blogger. The squash is sliced into small pieces and dipped in tempura flour mix that is dissolved in a bowl of water then fried until golden brown. Best eaten right after frying. We are using tempura flour bought from Thailand.

We just love the steamed freshly picked young okra fruits. They are sweetish and very tender. We just dip each one in mango ketchup (yes, there’s such a ketchup from Guimaras.)

We usually take the avocado without any sugar or milk. Our variety is fleshy, fine textured and very smooth to the taste.

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