My Pink Vietnam Guava

My Pink Vietnam Guava
The fruit is very fleshy with few seeds.

In April 2011, we visited Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam as part of a journalism award we received that year.

While visiting the fruit market, we were attracted by a pink guava being sold in a sidewalk stall. We bought some and we liked the taste. We saved the seeds which we germinated in our farm in Teresa, Rizal.

We planted one seedling in the ground and sprayed it with Power Grower Combo in late 2012. Soon flowers emerged and we bagged the fruits that emerged with bags made of cloth to protect themย from fruit flies.

My Pink Vietnam Guava
The fruit unwrapped.

On August 10, we checked one of the bagged fruits which was ready for harvest. We shared it with our visitors, Orlando and Elsie Santos. They loved the taste and so did we. We got another ripe fruit the next day and that is what is featured here.

The fruit is very fleshy and with very few seeds. We counted only 9 viable ย seeds from the fruit pictured here. They are very small seeds. We will also germinate them. Meanwhile, we marcotted one branch and new roots have already emerged.

Certainly we will multiply this guava in big numbers so more people can enjoy its fine taste.

My Pink Vietnam Guava
The fruits are bagged to protect them from fruitfly damage.
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