My Seedless Guava

My Seedless Guava
Seedless Guava. The dark portion in the middle of the sliced fruit is the core.

On Sunday, August 31, 2013, my farm worker brought me two ripe fruits of a seedless guava he harvested from one of our trees grown in the ground.

We weighed one and it was 390 grams. We sliced it and the only dark mark inside is the core.

When fully ripe, the flesh is smooth and very fine-textured. When it is still green but mature, it is crisp and juicy. It tastes very nice when it is dipped in plum powder, either from Taiwan or Thailand.

The beauty about this seedless guava is that it will produce fruits even when grown in a container. Of course, more fruits will be produced by a tree that is grown in the ground.

The seedless guava can be propagated by marcotting or by grafting.

My Seedless Guava
The two fruits weighed almost 800 grams.
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