MykoPlus: Latest Biofertilizer From UP Los Baños


MykoPlus is the latest biofertilizer developed by by Dr. Jocelyn T. Zarate and her team from the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Biotech) at UP Los Baños.

It is a multi-strain and multi-species biofertilizer (or microbial inoculant). Aside from mycorrhizal fungi, it also contains beneficial bacteria that include nitrogen fixers, phosphorus solubilizers, growth hormone secretors, and others.

MykoPlus boosts corn yield. The corn seeds are coated with MykoPlus before planting.
MykoPlus boosts corn yield. The corn seeds are coated with MykoPlus before planting.

In a two-season farmers’ field trial in Isabela and Cagayan, the coating of corn seeds with the powdered MykoPlus inoculant prior to sowing enhanced the crop’s ability to assimilate nutrients from the soil.

A 30% savings on the use of recommended chemical fertilizer was also realized. Yield was higher or comparable to crops receiving 100% recommended rate of chemical fertilizer alone.

In Manaoag, Pangasinan, farmers using MykoPlus observed that their crops had enhanced rooting, taller shoots, greater yield, and better survival from the prolonged flooding brought about by typhoons.

MykoPlus was also found good for rice, sorghum, cassava and vegetables. In rice, more filled grains were observed leading to heavier grain yield.

The most important effect of applying MykoPlus is that it creates a diverse population of beneficial microbes in the soil. The continuous application of beneficial microbes such as those in MykoPlus brings back life to soils damaged by repeated and heavy application of chemical inputs. (PCAARRD release)

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7 thoughts on “MykoPlus: Latest Biofertilizer From UP Los Baños

    1. You have to go to Biotech in UP Los Baños. Packs were showcased during the 2nd Urban Agri expo at the Tri Noma mall. We don’t know of a private distributor. That’s the trouble when it is from a government institution. It’s unlike when it is distributed by private companies like Allied Botanical or East-West Seed that distribute their products nationwide.

      1. It just shows how the government is slack. If there is any truth to this new fertilizer then its reproduction & distribution should be put as priority. Our country had never progressed in food production enough to feed its people. This fertilizer might be the much needed stimulant.

  1. Hi. I’m Jay, an Agricultural Technology student. Can I ask if I can get more info. about it. I just need supporting data for my report. Thanks.

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