Myrna Paredes Goes For Longkong

Ripening Longkong fruits.
MYRNA PAREDES goes for Longkong.

Myrna Paredes owns a big mango plantation in Medina, Misamis Oriental. When we met her at the ย National Mango Congress in Mandaue City, Cebu, she sounded rather frustrated with her mango trees because they require so much work. They have to be sprayed with chemicals to coax them to bear flowers. And there are lots of destructive pests and diseases that require the spraying with very expensive insecticides and fungicides.

That is why she is going to plant Longkong lanzones instead of mango. She was so excited telling us about her 16 Longkong trees that produced a lot of fruits earlier this year which she sold at P92 per kilo. She was able to get P14,720 from her harvest. This means that each tree gave her P920 and she did practically nothing except to apply some fertilizers. She did not spray any flower inducer. Neither did she spray anything against pests and diseases.

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