Name Of The Game In Farming: Increase Yield Thru Soil Rehab

RYAN ZAMORA, Biosolutions CEO.

There are more problems in farming than you think. Let me just name a few. One is low yield. Low farmgate prices of produce. Expensive seeds. High cost of farm labor. High shipping cost. Poor irrigation system  and so on and on.

These problems could intimidate some people. But there are those who consider the problems as opportunities to contribute solutions and reap due rewards. And that is why so many new companies are coming up with their own solutions to various farming  problems.

How can the problem of low yield be addressed? There are many ways, depending on the cause of the problem. Low yield could be due to highly degraded soil for one reason or another. Another could be due to poor seed varieties, lack of improved farming technologies, inadequate funding and so on,

In the case of one company, Biosolutions International Corporation, it believes that one way to increase yield and profit for the farmer is to revive highly degraded soils to their natural state conducive to plant growth and development. The company is offering two products that work in tandem to improve yields in farms. One is Agrimin, a soil conditioner in powder form  that makes the nutrients and minerals in the soil available to the plants. Agrimin corrects soil acidity and promotes the proliferation of beneficial organisms to enhance fast growth.

The other product that works in tandem with Agrimin is Biohumic Growth Enhancer. This contains fulvic acid which is a source of trace elements essential during the reproductive phase of plant growth. Application of Biohumic Growth Enhancer also makes the soil more porous, enhancing the development of extensive root system of the plant. With extensive root system, the plant can take up more nutrients from the soil and is also more resistant to drought or lack of soil moisture.

Biosolutions also recognizes the damage done by the golden snail which feeds on the young rice plants. That’s the reason why the company also carries a moluscicide called Astig.

Victorio de Guzman who applied the Biosolutions products in his farm in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija reported that he harvested 135 cavans of palay in one field that previously gave him only 60 cavans. He spent only P4,300 for the products that produced for him an extra 75 cavans.

JORGE PEÑAFLORIDA, Sales Manager, Agri Division, Biosolutions International Corp.

Biosolutions International Corporation is headed by Ryan Zamora, its CEO. The Agriculture Division is headed by Jorge Peñaflorida, sales manager, who can be contacted at 0917-721-0709.

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