Natural Food Coloring From Tiesa

Natural Food Coloring From Tiesa

Researchers of the Industrial Technology Development Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) have developed a standard procedure for producing food coloring from tiesa, a yellow-fleshed fruit considered a minor fruit in the Philippines.

Natural Food Coloring From Tiesa
Tiesa is a minor fruit in the Philippines with yellow flesh.

The product could be a better alternative to the synthetic food coloring materials sold in the market. Food coloring materials could preserve the original food appearance even after processing and during storage. They could also ensure homogeneity of the product, intensify normal color of food, protect the flavor and light susceptible vitamins, and make food look more appetizing, according to Teresita Palomares, head of ITDIโ€™s Food Processing Division.

The team of researchers who extracted food coloring from tiesa was headed by Christopher Andrew G. Bilbao, a science research specialist II.

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