NEXT TREND: Farm and Food Tourism

Special dish at the Mt Purro restaurant.
Entrance to the Mt. Purro man-made forest

WHEN THE Pandemic crisis will be over, hopefully sooner than we think, farm tourism will come out with a new flavor – gastronomic experience in addition to educational aspects of farming. In other words Farm & Food

LOCAL TOURISM – A travel agent thinks that tourism within the country will be more viable than traveling abroad to visit leisure farms and other tourist attractions. She has been preparing for this.This time, tourists will not only enjoy learning about techniques in local farming. They will also enjoy partaking special foods that are not usually found in traditional restaurants. The foods served, for instance, could be freshly picked organically grown vegetables and fruits, free-range native chickens, freshwater fish and more.

POSSIBLE DESTINATION – One possible destination near Metro Manila is a man-made forest up in the mountain in Antipolo. Here is the story about the place.

Alberto Malvar, developer of Mt. Purro Nature Reserve.

THIRTY YEARS ago, Alberto “Toto” Malvar got a Forest Reserve Management Lease from the DENR so he can reforest almost 1,000 hectares of Indigenous People’s ancestral land up in the mountains of Talawis, Antipolo City. 

DUMAGATS EMPLOYED – Employing the indigenous Dumagats to help in the development of the once bald mountain, some 200 hectares have already transformed into a forest of some 700,000 forest trees.

RESTO SERVING ORGANIC VEGGIES – Now called Mt. Purro Nature Reserve, the place boasts of a restaurant managed by Mrs. Malvar using organic vegetables grown by the Dumagats. 

FREE MEDICAL SERVICE – A son who is a medical doctor serves the community for free.

BROTHER IN MARKETING – A brother, on the other hand, takes care of marketing the Nature Reserve as a tourist destination. Among the previous customers were high school students from Ateneo who camped overnight together with their fathers

SWIMMING POOL – There is also a swimming pool and pathways through the forest for those who would like to imbibe the fresh aroma of the virgin forest. There’s a playground for children and adults as well as lodging facilities. The place is perfect for company team building or just memorable family weekends with Nature.

AT THE AGRIBIZ KAPIHAN – By the way, Toto Malvar talked about his Mt. Purro Nature Reserve at the Agribiz Kapihan on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019 at the Harbest Events Center at the Rizal Techno Park in Taytay, Rizal. 

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