NEW CANNA VARIETIES: Dwarf And Tall, Very Colorful

NEW CANNA VARIETIES: Dwarf And Tall, Very Colorful
The new Cannas are very colorful.

FIVE new dwarf canna varieties are being introduced to the local market by a big seed company. These have very attractive colors that make them perfect for gardens, borders, containers and pots. They are also suitable for shallow water gardens.

No. 1 is the Red, a dwarf variety with eye-catching red color with yellow spots. The No.2 is Rose, an award winner. The large round flowers are solid rose color. No.3 is Canna Salmon which is tall with soft salmon color that complements the other colors in the garden. No. 4 is Yellow, a dwarf variety with vivid yellow color and red spots can be a cheerful addition to any landscape. No. 5 is White, a tall variety. White flower is rare in Canna genera and it comes with or without pink spots.

NEW CANNA VARIETIES: Dwarf And Tall, Very Colorful
Cannas growing in a shallow water garden

Seeds are quite expensive but they should be worth the expense. One possible money-making project is to produce a lot of potted plants that are grown to flowering size. They should sell well at garden shows, weekend markets and in plant shops.

GROWING TIPS -Canna requires adequate water and fertilizer. Lack of either one can be disastrous. Full sun and good spacing is important. If compact plant is preferred, use smaller pot first for growth and transplant in the finishing pots. Limited root area keeps plants compact.

Overhead watering may cause leaf damage. Bottom watering is recommended. Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal will be germinating some seeds shortly.

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