New Dairy Breed Introduced Here


A NEW dairy breed of goat has been introduced by the government to bolster the dairy program in the country.

This is the Oberhasli which is said to have been developed in Switzerland but has also been grown commercially in the United States.

The Alaminos Goat Farm run by Rene Almeda and his two sons is one of the recipients of 18 Oberhasli doelings and a purebred buck which will be paid back to the governent in a period of three years. For every diekubg received, the Almedas will return to the government three females. And for the one buck, they will return four males.

Rene has observed that the Oberhasli goats have adapted well to the environment in Alaminos. Having a red coat, the animals are believed to be more adapted to the hot conditions in the Philippines compared to the white Saanen breed.

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