New Fertilizer Protects Crops From Solar Stress

Sinochem Crop Protection Philippines will launch this October 2012 a new fertilizer product that protects crops from the damage of too much exposure to sun’s heat. It is called Purshade, a calcium carbonate-based fertilizer in liquid form which can be sprayed on fruits, vegetables and grain crops.

As a solar stress protectant, Purshade helps crops utilize water from the soil during drought period. Initial tests on Cavendish banana show that Purshade effectively reduced sunburn damage which is caused by extreme heat of the sun. Solar stress in the form of ultra-violet rays and infrared rays can be destructive to crops, resulting in low yields, according to Dennis Miciano, Sinochem technical manager.

In pineapple, tests showed that Purshade also reduced scalding, a physical damage that reduces the marketability of this fruit.

In corn, the use of Purshade resulted in more efficient use of water, reducing the need for irrigation by as much as 40 percent. 

Purshade has been certified by the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority.

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