NEW PRODUCT: GreenCal Rehabs Problem Soils!

GreenCal is a natural soi conditioner and pH enhancer. It workd wonders in both organic farming and conventional farming.

HEREโ€™S a new product that can make your problem soils become more productive and your profits bigger in farming. The product is called GreenCal which works wonders in both organic farming and conventional farming. It is distributed in the Philippines by Zetryl Chem Philippines headed by businessman Danton Pajarillaga.

ORGANIC CONDITIONER – GreenCal is an organic soil conditioner and pH enhancer. It comes in powder or granular form that can be applied by dissolving in water and then drenched on the soil. It can also be broadcasted on the soil for planting corn and rice, for example. When applied on acidic soil, it can increase the pH level to the desired range suitable for the target crop. In rice, for instance, the desired pH level is from 5 to 7 percent pH. PH stands for percent hydrogen in the soil.

HIGH CALCIUM – GreenCal contains high calcium which makes it more resistant to stresses like prests and diseases, drought, waterlogging, strong winds and more. How? Well, plants grown with high calcium are more hardy and not attractive to attacking insects and diseases. The stems are harder and can better resist strong winds. GreenCal also makes the soil more porous which allows the roots to develop more extensively. It allows also beneficial microorganisms to proliferate for the benefit of the crops.

SULFUR – GreenCal is also rich in sulfur which activates special enzymes in plants. It plays an important part in protoplasm structure, odor and color of the plants. If deficient in sulfur, plants develop leaves that are short and round, hard and brittle. Leaves easily fall and growing buds easily die.

This is just an introduction to the wonders of GreenCal. In succeeding posts, we will give you more specific applications.

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