New Prolific Finger Peppers

Nongluck Milerue, a pepper breeder at the East-West
in Thailand, poses with a promising pepper hybrid.

The new hybrids of  hot finger peppers were showcased at the International Field Day at the Simon N. Groot Research Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on February 4, 2013.

These included new varieties being intended for different markets such as the Philippines, India, China, Vietnam, Aftica, Sri Lanka and to the Latin American countries in South America.

The pepper plants are trained to grow upright.
They are pruned at the bottom so that there
is free flow of air above ground. The fruits
are visible and are easier to harvest.
What a prolific finger pepper!

The one intended for the Philippines is tentatively named Batur which may take the place of Django, the front-running “Pangsigang” variety in the Philippines. Batur is said to be more prolific than Django, the fruits are a bit bigger, and the plant is more resistant to bacterial wilt disease.

This is Batur, a new finger pepper
variety for the Philippines.
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