VERY NEW: Have You Seen A Red Mustard?

VERY NEW: Have You Seen A Red Mustard?

At the recent golden anniversary celebration of Ramgo Seeds, we saw three very interesting new veggies you’d love to grow in your garden or farm once they are released for planting to the public after some field trials. This was at their Research Farm in Bongabon, Nueva Ecija.

VERY NEW: Have You Seen A Red Mustard?
Ramgo President Pamela Ong Chan holding red mustard.

RED MUSTARD – One which we saw for the first time is the red mustard. This has wide leaves which are just like the green variety you and I are familiar with. But the big difference is that the leaves are solid red.
And what could that mean? The plant could be loaded with anthocyanin which is good for the health. Fruits and vegetables that are colored (red, purple, black) are said to be rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals that destroy our body’s cells.

VERY NEW: Have You Seen A Red Mustard?
Madel Chavez with the lacey-leaved red mustard.

LACEY-LEAVED MUSTARD – Another mustard that is under field trial at the Ramgo R&D Farm is a colored mustard with leaves that have a lacey appearance because of the many “windows” all over the leaves.
Mustards make very good pickles. The colored pickles should make a good onversation piece. Mustard can also be used in various dishes, including soups.

CURLY KALE – Kale is a fountain of many health benefits. However, Kale that’s available in the market is very expensive. In health stores, a kilo could be priced from P500 to a thousand pesos.

VERY NEW: Have You Seen A Red Mustard?
Jill Gacoscosim and curly kale.

Well, the good news is that the Curly KIale thrives well under the lowland conditions in Bongabon. There should be no reason why growers in many parts of the country could not grow it either for their own consumption or for sale to the public.

According to Pamela Ong Chan of Ramgo, the Curly Kale could be grilled, made into soup, juice, chips, boiled, made into salad or sautéed.

There’s no harm trying to grow these new varieties in your home garden or farm. It could be rewarding health-wise, moneywise or otherwise.

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  1. Sir Zac any idea how long before seeds of those get released for sale to the public – backyard gardeners? I remember an old post about purple penchay being field trialled by another seed company over a year ago – it’s still not available.

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