Non-chemical Spray Against Whitefly

NESTOR ACOSTA, an outstanding diversified farmer from Bacarra, Ilocos Norte, has an unusual way of controlling whitefly in tomatoes and other crops using a non-chemical spray.

The spray is the extract from the partially digested feed found in the abomasum of ruminants such as cattle, carabao, goats, sheep and others. He collects from a slaughterhouse in his hometown the partially digested feed in the abomasum of the slaughtered animals. He gets one pail of the material (called “papaitan” in Ilocano) and an equal amount of water is added. He then extracts the liquid and uses that for spraying against the whiteflies.

Acosta swears that the spray is very effective. Whitefly is a pesky pest of tomatoes, eggplant and even ornamentals such as poinsettias.ย 

The abomasum, by the way, is the fourth compartment of the animal’s stomach where the feed is partially digested before it proceeds ย to the small intestines where it is further digested and absorbed in the blood.

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