Ramgo’s GrowKit comes in variants of Pechay, Rocket Arugula, Italian Parsley, Chives, Stevia and Mongo.,
Ramon Joseph Arcenas has found the Ramgo GrowKit an amazing bonding tool with his 3-year-old son.

RAMGO INTERNATIONAL has come up with a novel gift pack that you can give this Christmas to your friends, loved ones and even to your own family. This is the vegetable GrowKit that comes in variants of Basil, Chives, Italian Parsley, Pechay, Rocket Arugula, Stevia and Mongo.

Ramgo designed the GrowKit as a fun and exciting tool to inspire gardeners, hobbyists, children, retirees, and millennials into gardening. It aims to give a fulfilling experience in planting your own seed and then enjoying the fruits of your labor. Aside from Ramgo’s seeds, the GrowKit includes Nutricote controlled release fertilizer, plastic pot and saucer and a planting media to ensure the plants’ growth, development and harvest.

Ramon Joseph Arcenas is one avid gardener from Las Piรฑas City who has discovered the joy of growing vegetables from the Ramgo GrowKit. He has tried Pechay, Arugula and Mongo GrowKits.

He recounted his very first purchase of GrowKit. “I always pass by the Ramgo Seeds shelf everytime we went to the supermarket. One time, I was curious and have checked out the product displayed on the shelf. Then I saw these GrowKits which come with a cool pot, seeds and growing kit.” He added that the GrowKit has been an amazing father-and-son bonding experience with his 3-year-old son. He added that gardening with GrowKit knows no gender, age or civil status because it is good for as young as toddlers (with adult supervision) up to our Lolos and Lolas.

Arcenas said he is also impressed with the high germination of the seeds and the planting guide was most useful. Ramgo’s GrowKits are available in about 900 outlets in the most popular department stores, hardware stores and supermarkets nationwide. You can reach Ramgo at 09285011888 or 0906-744-6543 (Arieline Arevalo)

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